Who we are ?
We are a group of 3 master students at ITU-CPH, at MSc Games.
We aim to provide software development related services and projects, targeted for either entertainment or software requirement purposes.
At the moment, we are working hard to build the back bone for a self-sustaining company, in the game development industry.

Why a game development studio ?

The motivation to take a game development project further, towards a finished sellable product, marks the incentive behind PeWiNi IVS.
All 3 of us have both educational background (BSc’s in Software Development and Medialogy) and experience (several projects completed) required for a company in this area. We also have the necessary drive to turn an ambitious idea into a successful product.

Our main interest and the working field of the company is game development. Having played games since childhood and studying them in an academic environment gives us a broad knowledge of products as the ones we intend to develop and a clear view on how those need to perform to meet the market’s demands.

On the same note, given that the products we are to develop are, in their crude form, pieces of software, this also recommends us for meeting software development needs.